How a shoe is made


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Custom shoes made the old way. 

Custom shoes fit, feel, and wear very different from manufactured shoes. The process begins with a fitting and design consultation, which is when your measurements are taken and the shoes are planned. Next, we make a mock-up, or fit model for your shoes out of scrap leather. This is the stage where the fit and design are fine-tuned to ensure your shoes fit your feet in the way you like and fit your vision for how they will look. When the fit models are correct, Amara will build the final shoes. Because they shoes are made completely of leather, as the shoe is worn, it further conforms to your feet becoming more and more comfortable. 

These are images of what is happening in the shop now, and is updated almost daily from @harkweberstudio . Clients can see their shoes being made, and those interested in the craft of shoemaking can see a bit about how things come together.